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Atomic Duck

Deferred Procrastination's first project - an open source velomobile. Click to see more…


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I’ve previously had a “5 minute project” at Christmas time, where I made laser cut Christmas trees. The files are up on thingiverse so you can cut your own. This year’s is a more extravagant LED Christmas tree where the colour can be set by anyone via twitter. As there was a string of WS2801 […]

Posted on Friday 20th December, 2013

Intro to Laser Cutting — New dates

There are another three dates for the Introduction to Laser Cutting course: Saturday 7th December 2013 Saturday 18th January 2014 Saturday 15th February 2014 I had 4 people for the first course who all went away very happy with the new items, knowledge and skill that they’d learned. Only £69.55 per person for the day; […]

Posted on Friday 22nd November, 2013

TLRN — A Wire-Supported Hanging Delta Robot

Here’s a little teaser of a current project that I’ve been working on. If you take a delta robot and replace the parallel linkages with the a pair of parallel wires wound over motor pulleys then you get a robot that can scale up to giant size. Like the size of a giant room. Yeah, […]

Posted on Monday 28th October, 2013


"The days of companies with names like 'General Electric' and 'General Mills' and 'General Motors' are over. The money on the table is like krill: a billion little entrepreneurial opportunities that can be discovered and exploited by smart, creative people."

Cory Doctorow, "Makers"

...maybe not yet, but it is already beginning.

The world still lives with mass-produced products; designed to averaged, normalised, focus grouped specifications, where one-size-doesn't-quite-fit-anyone. It buys proprietary products, locked boxes with stickers that say "warranty void if opened". But contrary to popular misinformation, products are never finished. There is no "best" design. How is what you need the same as what everyone else needs?

What if a product was open? What if you could see the work that went into it? If your ideas were as valid as the designer's and made-at-home was just as good as made-by-us?

That's what we do. Open Source Design Engineering.
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