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Second Lattice Hinge Samples

As part of my first week as the new Technician-in-Residence at DoES Liverpool I’ve found time to photograph the acrylic test samples. From the earlier posts, this second set of samples is sized to have the minimum possible bend radius for single laser cut to create the torsional links, and has three torsional stress levels; […]

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Lattice Hinged Booklets

I’m pleased to have created a first product using the lattice hinges: a laser engraved, hand printed A5 sketchbook for Red-Violet Made. They use a pair of lattice hinges gives a double fold that operates like a normal hard back book, with a flat spine instead of curved like other booklets. Using such a small […]

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Lattice Hinge Design — Choosing Torsional Stress

The first set of lattice hinge tests I generated were a little fragile, with the maximum stress in the torsional links set to be 60MPa (the yield stress of the acrylic) it’s not very surprising that, with acrylic being a very brittle material (where the ultimate/breaking stress is very close to the yield stress) that […]

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Lattice Hinge Design — Minimum Bend Radius

The last set of hinge tests that I showed used a cut out a rectangle of material to form the links. By re-arranging a formula that calculates the required inter-link clearance, it’s possible to find the minimum number of links to make a bend using only a single cut with the laser if the width […]

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Lattice Hinge Test Results

Sine last week’s post about modelling Lattice Hinges, I’ve received the test pieces I ordered and also some very kindly cut by .:oomlout:. (the MDF set gave me some good insight into the hinge performance). I’ve had time to bend some, break some (and figure out why) and take some pictures. Probably worth a look […]

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Laser-cut Lattice Living Hinges

AKA: Snijlab-style living hinges, Sninges, Laser cut hinges, or my prefered title: Lattice Hinges After this style of hinge popped up again, this time on Makezine, I was having a look at the linked project guide and at how they worked and I realised that a bit of mathematical modelling could lead to better designed […]

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