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A003_R002 Seat Design

The seat structure seems to have taken the most time of all the assemblies to re-design, though it was interrupted by some thesis redrafts. It’s perhaps a measure of the amount of how much work was needed on the previous revision (A003_R001). One crucial task in the redesign was changing the cross beams from aluminium […]

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add-rel-lightbox Version 0.4 Released

Upgrade from your WordPress admin panel, or download from Version 0.4 switches from identifing the link-wrapped images in a page with hacked-together regexes that just about work, to properly parsed HTML structure using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser. When I initially tried to release version 0.4 and installed the updated plugin on this site, […]

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Seat Shape

This post is a bit of a development of design ideas. Sometimes it’s good to go through each stage of a design and explain why it has been rejected. Of course, like any design process there’s a good deal of opinion, approximation and guesswork to it, so be sure to add a comment below if […]

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Cockpit Clearances

Designing a cockpit to accommodate a range of rider sizes is more complex than laying out the controls to fit one rider; especially having a steering wheel control for such a reclined operator instead of underseat/tiller steering or a moveable yoke. To account for different height riders while still keeping the rider’s eyeline above the […]

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Ce n’pas une entrée de blog

It’s crunch time for thesis revisions this week, so there’ll be no blog post. Except this one. Which isn’t one. Back next week. As in: The Treachery of Images

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add-rel-lightbox now using Simple HTML DOM

When I first mashed together add-rel-lightbox, I used regular expressions to control and replace the relevent parts. This was my fault. Regexes were the only tool I had. It was a bad thing. Parsing HTML with regex is wrong. […]using regex to parse HTML has doomed humanity to an eternity of dread torture and security […]

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Kingsbury K-Drive

The video below of the Human Power Team‘s elliptical drive system is the first time I’ve seen a non-circular power system in motion. Functionally identical to the “K-Drive” of the Kingsbury Kingcycle, the mechanism is first described in 1890, so it might be more correct to call it a “Vietor Elliptical Drive”, it’s best known […]

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Making it Better—Open Source CNC

CNC routers and laser cutters are now common machines. Not ubiquitous, like a hammer, but they are common enough that I can send a pattern for cutting, or visit a lab and operate one myself. However, they still remain expensive, industrial machines. Makerslide took the idea of a standard aluminium extrusion frame system, used for […]

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LaTeX-SVG-to-PDF as git submodule

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve got a large project in \(\LaTeX\) and while I was using Dropbox as a pseudo revision control and external backup. However, I’ve since been persuaded that a proper revision control system with meaningful commit message is a better way of tracking progress and changes. So I’ve moved the project to […]

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On the Creative Process

An upcoming deadline for my thesis rewrites in April means I’ll be reducing the time I’m putting into blog posts until then. There’ll be less original content, but I should still have something up every week. Before I started working on Atomic Duck I, like many people, didn’t fully appreciate the amount of background work […]

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