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add-rel-lightbox Version 0.4 Released

Upgrade from your WordPress admin panel, or download from Version 0.4 switches from identifing the link-wrapped images in a page with hacked-together regexes that just about work, to properly parsed HTML structure using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser. When I initially tried to release version 0.4 and installed the updated plugin on this site, […]

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add-rel-lightbox version 0.3

New for version 0.3: Adjusted the filter hook priority so it uses the core shortcode function. Also works with the_extract() e.g. on front page and category listings. All images and gallery form one linked gallery per post/page. Search for “add-rel-lightbox” from your WordPress installation or download the source from: Where version 0.2 added […]

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add-rel-lightbox version 0.2

New for version 0.2, the plugin will now also add the lightbox attribute and caption to image linked galleries using the [gallery link=”file”] shortcode. add-rel-lightbox is a WordPress plugin that will automatically add a rel=”lightbox” attribute and the image appropriate description from the media library to link-wrapped images placed in WordPress posts. Previously, the plugin […]

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add-rel-lightbox now available as WP plugin

add-rel-lightbox, the code discussed in this post is now available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. This means that you can install it in your WordPress site by searching for “add-rel-lightbox” in the `Plugins -> Add New` page of your site administration. The code is also hosted at github ( for you to pull, fork, alter […]

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suPHP for Apache in Ubuntu

As part of my learning more about web hosting, I have a VPS that hosts a testing area for this site and I also host a couple of virtual hosts for other people. One of the side effects of the standard server setup that I have been using is that in WordPress, whenever I want […]

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Add rel=”lightbox” to WordPress Images

Now a WordPress Plugin, see the most recent version releses: Category > add-rel-lightbox I really like the pop-up display style of lightbox and slimbox, and WordPress has a really nice integration for adding pictures, but the two don’t talk to each other automatically. Getting images insterted from the WordPress media dialogue has a few requirements: […]

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Choosing a Blog Platform

If you want to self host a blog, there are two main contenders: WordPress Moveable Type Now, I’d already decided to not use MODx, as used in the main site, as the blog engine. MODx can function as a blog, and the demo site includes one, but it don’t have the expertise with MODx to […]

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