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Git Un-Merge

When I last merged a development branch of add-rel-lightbox into the master branch and realised that I’d not finished testing the changes, it was off to the internet to find out how to undo a merge. After a couple of goes at git revert -m 1 refused to do anything, and a little more searching, […]

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LaTeX-SVG-to-PDF as git submodule

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve got a large project in \(\LaTeX\) and while I was using Dropbox as a pseudo revision control and external backup. However, I’ve since been persuaded that a proper revision control system with meaningful commit message is a better way of tracking progress and changes. So I’ve moved the project to […]

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Putting Dotfiles in Git

If you’re a Windows user, then you probably won’t have come across dotfiles before. For Mac (a form of Unix) and Linux users, dotfiles hold certain environmental settings and customisations, so if you work on more than one computer, you might like a way of sharing your preferences between them. And they’re called “dotfiles” because […]

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git workflow for self-updating sites

or: How to Use Revision Control When Your Site Can Make Changes to it’s Own Files I’m assuming that you have setup git on a shared server, and resolved any git-upload and git-receive errors. There are two ways to making changes to the website’s files: Web side changes: The site is updated or file attachments […]

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